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Breathe Easy with Airdog X8 - A Silicon Valley Marvel! 🍃 Discover revolutionary nanoscale active filtration, purifying your air with 30,000 high-pressure ions. It's powerful, 20X more efficient than HEPA, and ultra-quiet. Ditch traditional HEPA filters for the Graphene TPA filter, washable and reusable for life. Covering large spaces, X8 covers a large space and cleans an area of 1009 sq.ft within 15 mins and 2018 sq.ft in 30mins, removing 99.9% of airborne contaminants. Upgrade to premium air purification now!

Meet Airdog X8 : The Best that Airdog Offers!

The younger, bigger brother of the X5 and X3. X8 is powered by the same revolutionary TPA technology that allows you to simply wash - rather than waste - endless filters. Airdog X8 is designed to be the ultimate performance air purifier.

High CADR : Clean Air Before Your Favorite Song Ends!

High CADR (clean air delivery rate), up to 470 CFM, more than double that of the Airdog X5! This is probably a record high for clean airflow rates - for any of the electrical filtration air purifiers in history! The X8 may well be the highest CADR among all air purifiers, including HEPA.

600% Greater  in Filtering the Particles!

Airdog X8 is powered by TPA technology. TPA® creates an Ionic Field that zaps harmful particles, common allergens such as pollen, pet dander, and dust, filtering them down to 0.0146 microns (6x smaller than similar air purifiers filter).

Low Noise Means a Good Night's Sleep !

Airdog X8 takes aerodynamic design to a higher level. You won't find another air purifier that is quieter than the X8, with double the airflow level of our industry-dominating X5, and a noise level on par with the X5. If we compare the X5 & X8 to other BIG brand products at the same airflow rate, the noise level of 8 Airdog X8's working together equals the noise level of one IQxxx .

Washable Design,  Save $1250 in 5 Years! 

We are not just talking about money or being cost-conscious. As humans we are growing more environmentally conscious. HEPA filters are made of non-recyclable fiberglass and TPA offers a revolutionary washable solution. Enjoy the fresh air and feel good about protecting our planet.

Remote Control Via App  , A True Touch-less Experience

While gently and consistently improving the air in your home or office, Airdog X8 keeps you informed of the status of the air around you throughout the entire day. Its smart data-storage function records important information so that you can control your environment with precision, adjusting it to suit your requirements.

Light & Display Control

The air quality display screen and indicator light can be switched on and off separately. All lights can be turned off even if X8 is not in sleep mode, creating a comfortable environment for your sleep.

Detachable Detector

Separable, multifunctional detector with high precision. With one button switch, you can choose from PM2.5, formaldehyde, temperature, humidity.

5 CADR Levels Meet Different Needs

5 different CADR levels: 300, 500, 600, 700, 800. If auto mode is set, X8 will auto-adjusts to different CADR levels based on your room’s air quality level.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Frank Bigley
Air Dog Service Center does not answer or respond

I have an Air Dog X8 that worked well for the past year. I cleaned the filters about 6 months ago, reinstalled everything and had no problem. I just cleaned the filters again, reinstalled everything and the unit will not start. I tried to contact Air Dog's customer support several times and could not reach anyone. I also sent an email and no response. Is the company still in business? Is there anything I can do, short of contacting the Better Business Bureau to get help with this.

Steven Rakowski

Great unit. Quiet and powerful. Performs as claimed.

William Brewer
60 days of constant filtering

We had to clean the unit. It was recommended to let it dry for 24 hours. A long time when the initial problem was sinus infections which was resolved with the utilization of 2 x8 Airdog units.

Scott Laube
Great product

I have the x8 and the x5 . Really helps with dust control and pollen. With two of my dogs going through a dog door constantly , it helps tremendously. I would absolutely recommend.

Replacement X8_Wireframe arrived damaged and no support/help with the unit.

Never had an issue with my X8 unit until recently. The fan has stopped working when powered on. I need support for that issue as well as with the wireframe I recently ordered arriving damaged. The couple of times that I submitted requests for their support/help have gone unanswered. The customer support and service has been an horrendous experience to this point. I purchased the X5 prior thankfully no issues thus far. I’ve been a loyal airdog customer having made several purchases of their products as well as a contributor for their new humidifier on Indiegogo. I purchased the X8 a couple of years ago and it had been working fine until recently now suddenly the fan has stopped working out of the blue. The X8 purifier isn’t cheap iby any means at $1k cost you’d think they’d be more inclined to be helpful and supportive to a repeat customer but so far no go. If the products you purchase never have issues then all is good but as soon as they do it’s practically impossible to get a hold of a live person at the # listed always saying in a recorded message that the party you’re trying to reach isn’t available no matter what hour in the day you call. It’s very frustrating not being able to get in touch with a live person and even more so when you never hear back from their support team. You’ve taken my $ but can’t be reached for support/help? If the replacement wireframe that just arrived damaged isn’t replaced within a reasonable allotted time I’ll have no choice but to dispute it’s purchase with my bank and reverse the charge due to damaged goods upon arrival. Get it together Airdog you’re going to lose a loyal customer very soon and it doesn’t need to happen was actually planning to buyi a second X8 in a few months but if this isn’t resolved quickly to where I get the support I need with the the fan suddenly not working I’ll look elsewhere.

UPDATE: Happy to finally receive a chat reply stating they were shipping a new replacement ASAP. Still awaiting to find out what caused the fan itself to stop running and if repair is needed could they repair the unit to get it fixed.