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Is FitAir certified for eliminating COVID-19?

It can help, but it has not officially got the FDA certificate as it's too innovative to find the right procedure to test it. However, I think the following video from this doctor might help to answer your question: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6UPLAtszdOM&t=38s

Is H13 filter for FitAir washable?

The H13 filter is not washable, so it needs to be replaced regularly. Our other products X3/X5/X8 use washable filters which can be washed and recycled.

Does Airdog air purifiers expel any ionized particles?

The Airdog air purifiers do not expel any ionized particles as we neutralize them on collecting plates before they were released into the air.

What is the recommended cleaning frequency if the air purifier is used on a consistent and daily basis?

Cleaning frequency depends on the area quality. Airdog air purifiers remind users for cleaning by showing "C" instead of AQI numbers on the display.

Do Airdog air purifiers have any consumable parts which need to be replaced regularly?

The only consumable part in Airdog air purifier is the catalyst filter. Usually it can be used for 2 years if you regularly "dry" the catalyst filter under the sun every 3-6 months. But the actual usable life depends on where it is used (for example a smoker’s home or around pets) and how often it is used.

How often do I need to replace the catalyst filter?

The replacement frequency depends on where it is used. Whether you have pets or cook a lot affects the usage life. Normally it varies from 6 to 24 months. But we also have customers who never change them.

How do I know when to replace the catalyst fiter?

The catalyst filter may be replaced if it begins to collect odor. When it starts to collect odor, you can first take out the filter and put it under the direct sunlight to dry out the moisture. The evaporation process can help to remove the odor. If drying doesn't help to get rid of the odor, it's time to replace the filter. You can order it through our website. Make sure to select the collect model (X3, X5 or X8).

How should I clean wire frames?

You could wipe it with a damp sponge. Please follow the cleaning tutorial video on our website for further guidance.

How to clean collecting plates?

The big metal collecting plates could be washed in the dishwasher running the full cycle. If the collecting plates are really dirty, you could soak it in the water with detergent for 20-30 minutes before putting in the dishwasher. After cleaning, make sure it's fully dried before putting back into the machine. You could turn on the air purifier, switch to the fan mode then put the collecting plates on top of the air purifier over night to be blown dry. This would help to avoid any potential problems with damp collecting plates.

How to better remove the stubbon/sticky residues inside the collecting plates?

Use "Awesome" brand or spray cleaner mixed 50-50% solution with water (not full concentrate) to pre-spray the collecting plates in a sink or tub. Spray both sides. Let sit for 1 minute. Then use a faucet hose to spray the plates with hot water and rinse fully until clean water runs down the drain.

How do I clean the catalyst filter?

You may wipe it using the damp cloth or use vacuum cleaner to suck away the dust. After that, put the catalyst filter under the direct sunlight to evaporate the moisture.

I hear a clicking noise when the collection plates are inserted. What should I do?

Please clean the collecting plates and make sure it's fully dried before putting it back into the unit.

How do I connect my Airdog to WIFI?

Long press the power button until the unit restart and then you should see the wifi lights flashing. Then you could follow APP setting guide in the user manual to do the connection.

How do I use the remote control?

The remote control is powered by a CR2025 small round battery that can be found at local stores. To turn on / off the machine, simply press the power button on the remote control. To adjust the fan speed, simply press the "+" / "-" button on the remote control. You may also use remote control to clear the "C" display after cleaning. Simply press and hold the Reset button on the remote for about 6 seconds to clear the C on the display.

How does the V5 deal with pet hair?

A pre-filter is installed in the air intake, which will helps to prevent pet hair from going into the machine.

What payment plans or financing options do you offer?

We partner with Affirm for payment plans. If you have a Shop Pay account, limited financing options are also offered. Please check out using Affirm or shop and then you will see the various financing options that's available to you.