FitAir Replacement Parts
FitAir Replacement Parts
FitAir Replacement Parts
FitAir Replacement Parts FitAir Replacement Parts FitAir Replacement Parts

FitAir Replacement Parts

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Customer Reviews

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Laurie L.

Purchased for my husband who has bad allergies and also works outside a lot. We sell bulk soils and mulch and it’s very dusty. He even works in his garden wearing it.

E C.

Masks are very comfortable & can be fit to nose well. Wish there was a silicon seal around the rim, I think this might keep some of the more intense truck fumes out.

E C.

I am using this for bike commuting in Boston. It is fantastic. This summer has been very hot & humid, so having filtered air pumped into the mask has made my commute bearable despite the weather. I have asthma, which is why I was looking for filtration for car exhaust. I estimate that 85-90% of fumes get filtered. Biggest problem is when diesel trucks spew a cloud near me - thus the 85% filtration estimate. I have learned to breathe out hard when I notice the smell, this with the negative air from the filter (?) keeps the junky air flowing out quickly. Several folks have asked me about this device, I haighly recommend it. I commute daily. Caveat: doesn't work well in heavy rain, but I have found that car fumes are diminished by that type of rain anyway. Doesn't work for perfume from people who douse themselves - aerosolized filtration would be a great addition for when wearing indoors. So glad I found this. I bought 2 other devices from other brands, one was a total fail & the other is good but not suitable for urban bike commuting. I give it an "A"

Vicki L.

I have purchased many masks in the past year during Covid, but I always use the FITAIR when I need to breathe freely during my workout. In fact I’ve become so accustomed to the wearing FITAIR masks, I cannot wear a regular face mask for very long anywhere as other masks feel suffocating. Now that the N95 mask is available without the exhalation valve, I don’t need to close off that valve before going out in order to protect others. If these new N95 masks were sold in camo, they would be perfect!

Wen-Tzu D.

I feel more freely to walk around and know I am safe to be protected.


These are replacement parts for FitAir kit only, NOT necessarily compatible with other product systems. The masks are not intended to be used by themselves as protection. 

No Refund Policy

FitAir replacement parts (masks, tubings, filters) are not refundable, considering that personal care and hygiene items may bear risks of infections once used.


  • Package of 2 masks in white + 2 silicone tubes (15'' and 5.9'')
  • Package of 5 sets of H13 HEPA filters
  • Package of 10 FitAir masks (White color)