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Do Air purifiers help with Mold?

Do Air purifiers help with Mold?

Do Air purifiers help with Mold? Yes air purifiers help with the mold - they clean the mold and purify the air. Airdog purifiers with its TPA technology (compare to HEPA) purify the air along with cleaning the mold. Many people think air purifiers purify the air, but it also cleans the mold. Mold is a type of fungus that thrives in damp and humid environments in Indoor areas. It produces spores, which spread by floating around the air. Mold can grow on a variety of surfaces, including walls, ceilings, floors, and fabrics. Mold is a common problem in the household. It can cause health problems such as allergic reactions, respiratory problems, lung infections, and asthma flare-ups. Air purifiers can be effective in removing mold spores from the air. But not all of it. Its capacity to purify depends on the type of air purifier & the technology used. Airdog’s purified with its TPA technology is the best one to purify mold compared to HEPA.

Airdog TPA technology for air purification

Airdog has patented its TPA technology, which is an active filtration technology. It generates a high-voltage electric field to electrify and destroy harmful particles and collects them on the easy-to-wash collecting plates. Compared to HEPA filters that block the airflow, Airdog’s vertical observation filter doesn’t affect the airflow, so it doesn’t cause clogging, contributing to higher filtration performance and lower noise. The filtration range of TPA filters is much wider than traditional HEPA filters.

HEPA filters need to be changed regularly, whereas Airdog’s washable filters have an easy clean system. Sometimes with higher temperatures and humidity, mold, and bacteria may grow in HEPA filters causing bad orders. Airdog’s TPA technology has 50x higher air cleaning capacity than HEPA. HEPA filters need to be changed every 6 months at higher costs, whereas TPA technology solves this filter replacement problem by saving money. TPA is environmentally friendly as HEPA filters are made of fiberglass, which is damaging to the environment. Airdog’s TPA has an auto mode function that adjusts the fan speed according to the pollution level that the AQI is reading. Thus, it can run 24x7 by itself. Now from the above explanation there is the clear answer to the question, do air purifier help with mold.

Benefits of Air Purifiers: 

  1. Improving air quality: Air purifiers clean up pollutants including mold from the air and make it easier to breathe.
  2. Allergy relief: By removing allergens such as pollen, mold and dust from the air, air purifiers can provide relief to people who suffer from allergies.
  3. Asthma relief: Air purifiers that remove irritants like smoke and dust from the air can also provide relief for people with asthma.
  4. Odor removal: Air Purifiers can clean up unpleasant smells such as cigarette smoke or cooking smells from the air.
  5. Improved sleep: By eliminating pollutants that may interfere, air purifiers can enhance the quality of sleep.
  6. Protection from germs and viruses: Air purifiers, especially in cold and flu season, may offer an additional layer of protection against germs and viruses.
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