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Shirley Yong
Replacement Remote Control & Electrodes

Hi, its great that you provide options for shipping to China address. Being geographically closer to Singapore and having daily seafreight between China & SG has provided much cheaper shipping option for me. Thanks very much for the wonderful service in helping to secure my replacement parts. 🤩

Beverley D.

The shipping fee was a fair exchange for getting a free replacement for a part out of warranty.

Felix E.

Customer support was excellent, they send part which I needed promptly and everything went without any problems!

Toula G.

I only recommend AIRDOG AIR PURIFIERS/IONIZERS. Only reliable, affordable product that truly filters the air with washable reusable multi filter system. I had purchased numerous other brands costing from 100$- thousands of dollars each but HIDDEN COSTS high replacement filters. One commercial brand 4 filters required& each 200$ each time. We both have severe allergies and allergic asthma. AIRDOG HAS THE BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE BARR NONE. We had 2 AIRDOG systems in NH living in gorgeous clean mountains so the filters didn't need as much cleaning despite nasty oil furnace. Moved to suburban MI 3/21& wow pollution, construction outside,car fumes,vents full of construction debris( we didn't know) it was brand new,both inside and outdoors allergies were the highest since 3/21 in our adult lives. Lived in rural MI, only benefits of living in the thumb only in microclimate Sand Point was my allergies lowest ever. I've been to an allergist since 18yo,tried desensitization 5 times, didn't help. When I'd leave Sand point even 10min away allergies returned. My husband had no allergies until 60yo. Suddenly developed them& he got asthma from them in NH outdoors allergies, Dustin's. Installed central air purifier,10 other airfilter/ionizers name brand but his asthma & allergies worsened but mine improved. Finally sick of paying high prices 4 replacement filters,I searched Amazon found AIRDOG, PUT 2 UNITS in his bedroom 1 by his bed,1 by his teleradiology home business, WORKED MIRACULOUSLY!

Mary R.

Personally, I can't live without my Airdog. The customer service is wonderful. I recommend getting this one.


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