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Airdog X3 Air Purifier+ Airdog X8 Air Purifier

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Save $110 on our X3+X8 bundle. Enjoy shopping with Airdog! 

The Air Purifier for Your Personal Space

A peace of mind on the go

Lightweight and Portable Design:  Easy Carry to GO!  

Say Goodbye to Allergens and Viruses - TPA Filters Set a New Standard

Aircap is powered by the same TPA technology that's used in our air purifiers. Embrace pure air anywhere anytime as Aircap captures 99.9% of particles as small as 0.0146 microns.

 Washable Filter, Sustainable Solution

Unlike traditional HEPA filters that require regular replacements, our washable design is a more economic and sustainable solution. It helps to protect our environment while not hurt your wallet.

The Ultimate Harmful Particles Killer!

Protect your health like never before. Our cutting-edge TPA technology kills and inactivates over 99.99% of harmful particles. You're not just filtering air; you're sanitizing it—making Aircap essential for health-conscious individuals.

Perfect for Personal Space

Aircap is perfect for personal space up to 35 sq.ft, such as car, coffee bar, office etc. It prevents you from everyday intake of harmful contaminants and allergens both indoors and outdoors.

Prevent Virus Droplet From Spreading in Real Time

Low Noise Operation

Our Aircap portable air purifier has 3 different wind speeds, you can choose between low, normal, and turbo speeds to customize your air purification experience. The minimum noise level at low speed is only 31db, delivering fresh air while not disturbing your sleep.

Easy to Use & Adjustable

Operate effortlessly with top touch buttons and bottom toggle switches. Humanized design with adjustable angles max to 60°, enabling you to enjoy clean & fresh air everywhere.

Speedy Charging and Flexibility

Very easy to charge. Just one hour of charge powers up Aircap for an hour at high speed or three hours at low speed. Flexible, fast, and efficient—that's Aircap portable air purifier for you.

Auto Mode

Switch the bottom toggles to choose between manual mode and auto mode. At auto mode, Aircap will turn on when there is motion move or off when everything stay still for 15 mins.

1 Year Warranty

Guaranteed free from material or workmanship defects.

Fast, Free Shipping

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30 Days, 100% Guarantee

30 Day Hassle-Free Returns. Try it before you keep it.

24H Online Service

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