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Our Mission: Pure Air for All

We’ve perfected the art and science of making exceptional indoor air without the waste and costly upkeep. 

Featuring washable, reusable plates instead of plastic HEPA filters, our powerful purifiers do more for the air with so much less—including far less energy consumption.


You’ll find our revolutionary health allies in homes, schools, gyms, healthcare environments, vehicles, and countless other places where people want to breathe well.

Our Story: Inventing a Greener Air Cleaner

Founded in 2007, Airdog USA Inc. was the brainchild of two Silicon Valley engineers who had been fusing their superpowers on projects for years, including work on popular products like Apple computers.

With expertise in aerodynamics and electrical engineering, respectively, Dr. Hongyu Ran and Dr. Yan Zhang, became intrigued by the power of electricity to move air and charge particles. Their new mission emerged: build a better air purifier.


Deeply motivated by firsthand experience with air pollution in urban environments, the two inventors set out to perfect electrostatic air disinfection and purification. 

After more than four years of research, development, and collaboration with scores of engineering peers, air quality experts, and laboratories worldwide, they had built something remarkable: a completely different air purifier that does more for air with less harm to the planet.

Dr. Zhang continues as CEO of Airdog, carrying forward the green tech mission in service of human health.

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From the United States to Germany, from commercials to schools and hospitals, we are dedicated to bringing fresh air to over 1 million people in over 80 countries around the world.

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Turning Inspiration into Invention


Inspired by our innovation heroes like Nikola Tesla and Steve Jobs, Airdog has filed for 314 patents and holds 168 registered patents as well as 134 registered trademarks. These are testaments to our commitment to bringing fresh thinking to today’s air quality challenges. 

We’ll continue our quest for a cleaner future where more people can breathe better.


We also partner with like-minded businesses to bring pristine air to more people worldwide. 

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