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Do you know how many pollutants you are surrounded by when driving in the city?

With each breath, a culmination of smog, allergens, dust mites, pollutants, and other harmful substances can be drawn into your lungs. In this closely contained environment, you can only imagine the harm they can do to our heart, lungs and respiratory system.

Because your respiratory system is unable to filter these particles, how can you protect yourself and those around you from dangers too small to see?

Professionally Lab Tested & Certified

SGS - Suppression Effect of Formaldehyde >99.1% | SGS - Suppression of the Total Volatile Organic Compounds >99.9% | SGS - Suppression Effect of PM2.5 | SGS - Suppression Effect of Total Bacteria Counts >99.9% | TUVRheinland - Performance on Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) in terms of PM2.5 Removal | TUVRheinland - Ozone Emission <0.01 PPM, Undetectable CVC - CCM particle > 33000mg | SQEP - CCM Folmaldehyde > 1500mg

1. Auto cabin filters in your car are far WORSE than HEPA filters in your home.

Collecting does NOT mean cleaning. Microbes grow in filters and move out from the other side. Bad smells and hazardous products are generated during this procedure. So how can you protect yourself against dangers far too small to see?

Airdog came up with the solution. By utilizing ionic wind technology, instead of just collecting, their filters clean and sterilize the bacteria and viruses in the air, giving you the fresh clean air you deserve.


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2. Airdog's TPA tech outclasses HEPA filtration

Two Pole Active (TPA) technology is an active filtration technology, which is different from HEPA passive filtration technology. TPA based on Ionic Wind, and was optimized for air filtration. TeslaAir applies TPA in a smaller form factor. The electrical filtration enables its high collection efficiency and bacteria-killing capabilities.

The TeslaAir can also filter particles down to 0.01 microns, unlike HEPA filters' limit of 0.3 microns. In addition, the TeslaAir actively filters bacteria and viruses.


HEPA air purifiers loose 50% efficiency after trapping 45 cigarettes smoke pollutants

A technical term called CCM (Cumulative Cleaning Mass) defines how many pollutants a HEPA filter can trap before losing 50% efficiency. Lab researchers have quantified 45 cigarettes would make a typical HEPA filter fail.

As a comparison, Airdog's cleaning capacity only drops – 0.2% after 440 cigarettes...

About 10x more cleaning capacity than a HEPA filter! Airdog TPA products can take 10x more smoke and stay 50x more efficient in filtering capacity. Now that’s a huge difference.

HEPA air filter replacements will cost an average of $500 every 12 months, and around $2500 during the lifespan of the product.

The Airdog TeslaAir uses non-consumable collecting plates that you can wash by hand, saving you lots of money on buying unnecessary filters. Enjoy an average savings of ~$500 every 12 months (~$42/month). No more wasteful & expensive filters.

Most consumer car air purifiers are either HEPA technology or air ionizers. Air ionizers do not clean the air, they only settle dust and particles all over your cabin, seats and clothes.

The Airdog TeslaAir car air purifier not only cleans & filters down to 0.01 microns, our active air filtration technology (TPA) effectively sterilizes & kills bacteria / viruses while filtering.

Current HEPA air filters contribute to large waste pollution and environmental damage

HEPA filters are not recyclable, most will live their days in landfills alongside trash.

See the TeslaAir in Action:
Filters up to 3 Cubic Meters Per Hour!

With an impressive CADR of 14.8 cubic meters/hr the TeslaAir can fully filter and clean dust, pollen, dander, smoke, odors, mites, bacteria and viruses in a large SUV within a matter of minutes.

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It takes 1 minute to clean the collecting plates.
Just wipe and go!

Electrical Voltage generates high energy plasma, kills bacteria, and decomposes formaldehyde and TVOC.

Accelerates the charged particles to move towards the collecting plates.

Collects the PM 2.5, dust, dead bacteria, and toxic particles.


TeslaAir smart technology turns device on when you start driving. No need to manually turn it on.


Never pay for a wasteful filter again. Easy to take out and easy to clean. Save money and the environment.


The TeslaAir built in sensor allows the device to sense how dirty the collecting plates are. The device will give dash notifications to clean.


The TeslaAir has built in controls for air speed and noise. Easy to use, just click 1,2,3 times to control the speed settings.


Besides using the Airdog TeslaAir in vehicles, you may also use the TeslaAir car air purifier in small spaces such as a cubicle, bedroom, closet, co-working area, etc.


Q1: Why should I choose Airdog instead of traditional HEPA or PECO air purifiers?

A1: Airdog features state-of-the-art filtration technology. Different from HEPA passive filtration, Airdog actively kills and collects. We destroy particles down to 0.01microns, kills bacteria and viruses, and decompose TVOCs through high-voltage-generated plasma. Best of all, Airdog does not need a regular change of filters and is quiet and easy to use.

Q2: Why is it important to filter the ultrafine particles?

A2: Airdog deals successfully with ultra-fine particles smaller than 14.6 nanometres and purifies the air by killing bacteria and viruses and collecting airborne particles. Tradional HEPA air purifiers only filtrate particles less than 0.3 and leave all kinds of particles on the filters.

Q3: Is the TeslaAir energy-saving and eco-friendly?

A3: We designed and manufactured TeslaAir in compliance with Energy Star Ratings, and use non-consumable collecting plates instead of fiberglass waste. The car air purifier’s power consumption maximum is only about 6W.

Q4: Do I have any maintenance costs if I own an Airdog TeslaAir?

A4: The TeslaAir is cost effective and is an environmentally green solution. The collecting plates are washable and reusable in contrast with standard HEPA filters and others. So there is no additional cost after you own a TeslaAir.

Q5: How will I know that my TeslaAir is purifying and cleaning the air in my home or car?

A5: It does it’s job quietly. Air is invisible, thus it’s hard for you to see the impact, however you definitely can feel the air is fresher and sense the freshness.

Q6: I am concerned about product safety. How safe is the TeslaAir?

A6: Our customers’ safety is our top priority, which is why we have implemented “smart control” electronic hardware, V0-fire retardant plastics, and internationally reputable third-party verification.

Q7: The Airdog TeslaAir uses high voltage. Is it safe to use in my car and home?

A7: The TeslaAir uses an advanced electronic design built around safety. The power consumption of Airdog is only about 6W. It has high voltage on the inside but very low current - in the order of microamps. We have passed rigorous international safety tests. You can rest assured about your product’s safety.

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