Did You Know?

Clean + Comfortable Air is Essential for Babies(and bigger kids) 🩵

  • Higher sleep quality (when they sleep, you do too)
  • Healthier hair + skin (this one is for the moms too)
  • Clean air help facilitate cognitive development
  • Washable Filters = More $$$ for the vacation fund
  • Airdog MOI Humidifier is THE first mold-free and washable filter humidifier

How We Can Make Your Life a Breeze🌬️

For your Airdog air purifiers, the entire cleaning process takes 10-15 mins (some stuff is dishwasher safe). For your humidifier, the filter is washing machine safe!
Less time spent being sick, less days missing school! Airdog Air Purifiers are 99.99% effective against the influenza virus!
No more airing out the house for salmon nights! No more throwing out veggies that aren't meant for the fridge! Airdog air purifiers keeps fruits and veggies from going bad longer (up to 10 days longer) It also traps tough and lingering odors such as cooking fish!
Airdog MOI Humidifier isn't just good for preventing sore throats, dry lips and clogged sinuses from the dry air. It's also to add moisture in the air to make sure your plants that you nurture doesn't shrivel up!
Fits in any décor and setting, fitting harmoniously with your current aesthetic

Don't Just Take Our Word for It!

Here are how other moms (and dads) that are making breathing less of a chore...😮‍💨

How We are THE Air Purifiers for Moms and Dads

And here's why...

Why is this a good combo for moms?

Air Purifiers help take the nasty stuff out of the air, leading to less allergies and better sleep ☺️

Humidifiers help keep the air moist, alleviating sore throats in the morning☀️

What makes it good for my kids?

Clean air helps promote cognitive development💡

Is it loud or annoying at night?

22dB in night mode (*pssst* that's quieter than whisper🤫), adds a smidge of white noise...

Motion sensor AQI indicator night light to keep light pollution to a minimum!

Is it good for adults too?

Absolutely! Clean air is good for anyone no matter the age, promoting respiratory health and alleviates allergy symptoms! 🍃

Humidifiers keeps skin and hair healthy, not to mention proper humidity keeps things comfy! ✨

What if I don't like it?

We have a 30-day money back guarantee, making sure that you are confident with Airdog by your side! 🚚