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"Is Your Mask Hard to Breathe with?" It's Time to change that ASAP by using the all new Easy-to-Breathe mask system FitAir Necklace!  With a micro-filter HEPA inside, and a fan that you can choose 3 different speed settings, FitAir Necklace does the work for you by pushing filtered air towards you, making breathing EASY and AUTOMATIC!

FitAir Necklace, the best personal air purifying solution that brings you clean air wherever you go. By cleaning within 25 square feet of your personal space at an airflow rate of 3x per hour, this personal shield prevents everyday intake of harmful contaminants and allergens both indoors and outdoors.


Battery Life: 8-10 h

Input Power: 4.2 W
Input Voltage: 5 V
Item Weight: 7.8 oz
Accessory box: 1 Silicone Tube, 1 charging cable, 1 H13 hepa filter, 1 connector, 2 masks

FitAir Necklace, Your Ultimate Portable Air Purifier

FitAir Necklace is designed to make you breathe better and live healthier, wherever you are and whatever you do. It improves your health by freeing your air of viruses, smoke, bacteria, allergens and other harmful microbes. FitAir Necklace is great for those with allergies or asthma, frequent travelers, shared office spaces, young children or seniors susceptible to viruses, city dwellers where air quality is compromised and climate-controlled bedrooms.


FitAir Necklace is filtering the air with a true-medical grade H13 HEPA filter, which has 99.97% filtration efficiency. It protects you from pollen, odor, virus, smoke, and other harmful contaminants.


High porous inlets with 290 ports allowing maximum air flow of 130 L/min (average adult breathing capacity is 10-20 L/min). Three-level air flow adjustments allow for customized control based on your need.

Your Personal Air Purifier

Designed to help you breathe better and live healthier during your daily lifestyle routine. Whether you're traveling in your car or on a plane, running errands, or simply working at your desk, FitAir Necklace can be there with you.


A full charge offers a maximum 8 hours operation. Colored lights indicate remaining battery hours.


Charges easily with any USB ports to support your daily work routine.


The FitAir Necklace can also be used alone without masks. It is applicable anywhere you go, no matter if you are in your car/office/bedroom/cafe or other outdoor activities, camping/traveling by plane/train and more...

Offers a fresh breeze during your brainstorm

Clean the air in your car when you are driving

Helps protect you from allergens while you go camping/other outdoor activities

Release yourself and your loved ones from travel discomfort




I was very fortunate to find Airdog and fitair by accident back in February, just as covid was starting and Yan,I was desperate because I suffer from asthma and when I have to wear a mask, as we were getting more and more into our fight with covid. I was finding myself having a very difficult time breathing. As you know, when you wear a mask, you breathe that the inside of the mask is essentially a dead space, so this becomes a dead space where you breathe the air in and out, so I was inhaling my own air as everybody else. But for me, as an asthmatic, it was very, very difficult that I was having a very difficult time breathing. Luckily, I came upon Fitair and airdog and this was life changing to me and to my colleagues.



I just got this Fitair necklace from Airdog and honestly I have never seen anything like this before. It’s very convenient to use. Just wear it around your neck and turn it on, and it starts with fresh air! It’s super quite so it won’t disturb you if you work in the office or something. If you want to add an extra layer of safety, you can attach the mask with tube. It’s completely up to you. Overall it’s a super nice tool for you if you care about the air quality around you!


FitAir Necklace is much more breathable as it sends fresh clean air to your nose. You will have a more effortless breath of fresh air compared to other masks that can be difficult to breathe with. FitAir Necklace helps to keep airborne particles such as pollen outside of your mask. Masks have the challenge of adequately fitting and sealing at the sides since everyone's face size is different. FitAir Necklace's innovative design is a different way to help approach that issue.

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Itzhak S.

I just got 2 pers a few days ago.
One for me and one for my wife. Since we are the proud owners of your Airdog 5 and Airdog 3 we decided to show our loyalty and satisfaction with the Airdog 5 and 3 buy buying the portable air .we like the the design,but haven’t used it enough to write an fair and honest review.