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Airdog Mist-Free Humidifier

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Airdog Mist-Free Evaporative Air Humidifier adopts the latest technologies that can kill 99% of virus and bacteria, providing clean air, healthier breathing, and a relaxing atmosphere for your home and office.

A free hygrometer is included so you can monitor the humidity around you anytime!

What Is In the Box

1 Humidifier Unit , 1 User Manual , 1 Hygrometer , 1 Humidifier Filter( needs to be replaced every 3 months) 


Airdog Evaporative Mist-Free Humidifier 

● Clean Air
● Mist-Free Humidifier
● Intelligent constant humidification
● Direct water-adding
● 3L water tank, 12H continuous moisture
● Low noise & quiet
● Relaxing atmosphere lamp
● Attachable remote controller

As we transform from the colder weather to Spring, there will be a variety of allergens in the air which can create a multitude of situations for those with respiratory issues. The Airdog mist free Humidifier can help filter and clean those allergens to create a cleaner air environment. 

MIST-FREE – No Fog, No Dust, Clean Air

Different from traditional ultrasonic humidifiers on the market today that generate a substantial amount of mist and only provide localized humidity, Airdog’s Mist-Free Air Humidifier adopts the principle of Nano Cold Evaporative humidification, no fog, no dust, and cleans the inhaled air.

Why Airdog Humidifier  

Clean Air

Nanoscale cold evaporation technology; bacteria and virus removal rate: 99.99%.

No Mist, No Powder

Pure humidification; no mist or white powder; will not make your floor/table wet.

All Day Long Moisture

Direct water-adding; 3L water tank; 250ml/h humidification amount (at high speed), 12Hr continuous moisture. 

Intelligent Design

Intelligent constant humidification; you can set your desired humidity levels; visual display screen.

No Mist, Only Clean Moisture 

Traditional humidifiers will produce a lot of water mist and white powder that will make the floor and desktop wet. This can, over time, grow mold and bacteria that is harmful to our health.  Airdog’s Mist-Free Air Humidifier adopts the principle of Nano Cold Evaporative humidification: no mist, no dust, offering you purified clean moisture. 

UV Sterilization: Removes 99.99% of Virus & bacteria 

Airdog applies 4 steps to ensure bacteria and virus-free moisture. This air filtration system offers clean air for babies, individuals who are pregnant, seniors, pets, and those who are allergy-prone. For optimal use, it is recommended to clean the air filter every week and change the filter every three months.

Smart Humidity Level 

With Airdog’s intelligent constant humidification, you can set the humidity level to the setting that makes you the most comfortable. By also displaying the nearby humidity levels, you will be able to learn the ambient environmental conditions.

Attachable Remote Controller 

The remote controller conveniently attaches to the body of the humidifier. With it, you can adjust the controls within 10 feet. It’s simple and convenient to use, which makes it a humidifier and air purifier that is suitable for everyone - including children and elderly.

Quiet Mode=Easy Sleep 

Turn on “Night Mode” for a good night’s sleep. When using this setting, the noise is only 35 db(A), even lower than the noise of an air Conditioner

Atmosphere Lamp

The seven-color rainbow lamp creates a colorful, relaxing, and customizable environment. Create your own atmosphere in your home, office, and anywhere you use your humidifier.

Easy Refilling

Add water by pouring directly into the top or by opening the cover. Simple and easy to use! 250ML/H humidification capacity and 3L large-capacity water tank ensures comfortable humidity for 12 hours. Usage Tip: Keep an eye on the water overflow port. Pouring water directly along the upper right corner may cause water to leak. 

Humidify Whole Room

Traditional ultrasonic humidifiers can only humidify the area that's immediately near the humidifier. Airdog humidifiers can humidify the whole room, so you are able to enjoy clean and fresh air in every corner of your space!

NAMEAirdog Mist-Free air humidifier
Product size
W 9.4" * D 9.4" * H13.3"
Water Tank capacity3L
Rated humidity250ML/h
Control modeRemote control, touch screen
Voltage110v/ 50-60Hz

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Arthur h.

Unfortunately the clear plastic water gauge leaked water while filling the container. I filled it to the proper level but the rectangle shape shield leaked. I didn’t return it because it’s something I could repair with some water seal. So I did and it works fine.

Andrew M.

I am really enjoying my Airdog humidifiers. They are nice and quiet, easy to maintain and look great. The shipping was very quick and customer service has been very helpful with any questions. Thanks Airdogs!

Misaja S.


Renato R.

It is quite. The motor noise is quite which won’t bother you when you are sleeping. The UV light is a plus for disinfecting the invisible mist. There is a hepa filter air purifier. The top grill is removable where you pour the water or without removing it. It comes with hygrometer that is important in measuring the humidity inside the room. It says a removable power control and magnetic but it is not. The body is made of plastic but sturdy. I just used a double sided sticker on it so I do not lose that control.

Hi Renato , thank you for your kind feedback. Do you mean you didn't receive the remote controller?

Leonard N.

So far so good, it runs all night on a tank, house is not so dry.

Airdog Mist-Free air humidifier 

Suitable for Various Groups

People prone to allergies

New Parents

Families with Pets

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