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Meet Dr. Zhou A Member of The Airdog Family

Meet Dr. Zhou A Member of The Airdog Family

Dr. Zhou is not your ordinary PhD. She's a mom, self-made entrepreneur and a real estate investor. She wears many hats in her day-to-day life, but most importantly, she wanted to make sure she provided her Airbnb tenants with the best possible environment and experience. That's why she has Airdog air purifiers in her Airbnb units and her own home. Talk about an amazing landlord, a caring mother and an all-around wonderful person.


Dr. Zhou studied at the University of Maryland, for her PhD in Biophysical Chemistry. After a successful business venture in China, she decided to return to the U.S. to begin her adventure in the hospitality space.

Most people nowadays use Airbnb for convenience, but for Dr. Zhou and her tenants, it's an experience. She found Airdog by scouring the Internet for the right air comfort solution. By happenstance, she stumbled upon Airdog.

It all started with just one unit, and immediately she knew this is the solution for her. That was the beginning of the story of Dr. Zhou and Airdog.

As she had mentioned in the video, "There are so many products. Low maintenance is very important for me". Not only did Airdog make her life more convenient, but at the same time our TPA®  technology helped her business run with better results. Not to mention the drastic sustainability improvements that it brings. Our reusable solution, in comparison to the other air purifiers on the market; that still uses HEPA filters that end up in the land fill is truly an all for one, one for all answer our the landfill crisis we are currently facing. 

She added, "The customers would always get secondhand smoke if the neighbor started smoking... So I started to look for solutions to remove odor and smoke in the air". We all know how harmful second hand smoke gets over time. It is crucial to mitigate such health risks and environmental factors. According to the CDC, "2.5 million adults who were nonsmokers died because they breathed secondhand smoke" (CDC, 2020). Airdog's TPA® technology, the 5-step filtration method will do its part to keep you away from harmful chemicals being passed through the air we breath. The X-series purifiers from Airdog, has been tested by an independent labs. The results show that it will eliminate more than 99.9% of PM2.5 particles(which includes smoke from cigarettes).

Dr. Zhou is just one member of the Airdog family. Her story is a touching one, an inspirational one. But, there are many more stories like hers and other members of the Airdog family. It paints us a picture of just how Airdog products are supporting our members in a multitude of ways. From creating a healthier living space, to better overall life quality. In Dr. Zhou's case, a long-term business investment.

Why not check out one of our products for yourself, and see what the Airdog x-series could do for you and your loved ones?

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