I am concerned about the product safety, may I know more details?

Airdog X5 is built around a Safety 1st motto! We have implemented the following:

A. Smart control: The “smart electronics” control circuit continually monitors the current and voltage levels, and suppresses them whenever there’s any abnormal situation;
B. Anti-fire: Airdog X5 is manufactured with the highest V0-grade fire retardant plastics housing;
C. Child lock: It prevents improper operations when children are playing around it;
D. International reputable third-party verification: Airdog X5 has passed safety test requirements including but not limited to CE, FCC, CQC etc.

Airdog X5 uses high voltage inside, is it safe for home use?

Airdog X5 uses an advanced electronic design built around safety. The power consumption of Airdog is equivalent to a small light bulb. It has high voltage inside but very low current in the order of micro-amps. The high voltage runs on direct current to avoid any possible electronic perturbation.