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Airdog X8 Home Air Purifier


Hello. I am the younger, bigger brother of the X5.
We are powered by the same revolutionary TPA technology that allows you to simply wash - rather than waste - endless filters.

Airdog X8 is designed to be the ultimate performance air purifier.

Faster: High CADR (clean air delivery rate), up to 470 CFM, more than double that of the Airdog X5!  This probably is the record high for clean airflow rates - for any of the electrical filtration air purifiers in history! 

The X8 may well be the highest CADR among all air purifiers, including HEPA.

The X8 cleans a 1000 square foot room in 20 minutes.

Quieter: Airdog X8 takes aerodynamic design to a higher level. You won't find another air purifier that is quieter than the X8, with double the airflow level of our industry-dominating X5, and a noise level on par with the X5. If we compare the X5 & X8 to other BIG brand products at the same airflow rate, the noise level of 8 Airdog X8's working together equals the noise level of one IQxxx (another top seller); or the noise level of six Airdog X8 working together equates to one Bluexxx (another well-known brand). 

Cost: We are not just talking about money or being cost-conscious. As humans we are growing more environmentally conscious. HEPA filters are made of non-recyclable fiberglass and TPA offers a revolutionary washable solution. Enjoy the fresh air and feel good about protecting our planet.

Includes a detachable Air Quality Laser Detector that can detect the air quality in real time.

Size: 30(H)*15(L)*15(W) inches /76cm*38cm*38cm

Applicable Area: 1000 SQF

Item Weight: 43 lb,19.7Kg

CADR(PM2.5): 850m³/h

CCM Particle/ Formaldehyde: P4/F4

Noise Level: <63 dB(A)

Rated Power: 110

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Frank A.

We are very happy with the performance of the Airdog X8 it does everything that it is advertised for. Thanks

Krishna V.

I bought 2 before loved it bought new one for other residence.

Akemi C.

Ordered the X8 but received the X5 by mistake. Customer Service was so amazing that they overnighted the X8 with humidifier. We ended up keeping the X5 as well and love all the products.

Steven C.

Love it the air is as fresh as a afternoon shower.

Andy S.

I have chronic asthma and with autoimmune problem. I was looking for Air Purifier that has small maintenance cost (HEPA filters) since I already have several models from other brands that cost $$$$. Came across AirDog when googling on internet and saw good reviews. Its interesting tech is the main reason why I decided to give it a try. When my X8 arrived, it came with neat multiple layers of package protection. Having the big display and controls on the top are a nice bonus. On first run, I did notice a strong smell of ozone like smell but it’s dissipating on next few days. I tried it on the kitchen area and it did show how bad the air after cooking. It took just few minutes for the AQI to go down (the color light indicator helps too). The only wish that I have is for the wheels at the bottom to be bigger as it’s a bit hard to move this thing around due to its weight but it’s expected. Overall I’m happy with this. I think I will order one more X8 and X5 bundle soon.