Air Purifiers for mold, smoke and allergies

Introducing Our Airdog Air Purifier

The Airdog Air Purifier is the most technologically advanced air cleaner on the market today. Featuring TPA technology that provides complete air cleanliness and also reduces allergens. Our world-class product is suitable for people suffering from allergies and other respiratory disorders. By choosing our Airdog Air Purifiers for mold, Air Purifier for Smoke, & Air Purifier for Allergies you will be able to experience cleaner air and in turn, live a healthier life.

We Protect Your Lungs from Harmful Air Pollutants

Your health is our first priority. The quality of air you breathe determines the quality of your health. If you are among the many living in the heart of a city, chances are the air you're inhaling could be harming your lungs over time. By investing in an Airdog, you are protecting yourself and your loved ones from all the hazardous particles that pollute your indoor environment such as mold, dander, dust, allergens, smoke, pollen, viruses and formaldehyde.

Prepare to Fall In Love. Airdog is Not Your Typical Clean Air Solution. Here’s why:


Our Airdog Air Purifiers for mold, Air Purifier for Smoke, & Air Purifier for Allergies comes with advanced filters that don’t require frequent maintenance. Break up with your HEPA filters! Airdog uses collection plates that are easy to clean and our smart technology tells you when they need cleaning.

Top-Notch Performance

Our Airdog Air Purifier is based on TPA technology which is far superior to the iconic traditional HEPA filters. TPA is a highly advanced technology that destroys molds, smoke, and allergens from the environment by using safe, but high voltage.


We are trapped in a vicious cycle of air pollution. To protect ourselves from these harmful pollutants, we use purification technology like Air Purifier for Allergies, Air Purifiers for mold, & Air Purifier for Smoke. A lot of traditional designs and materials found in older air purification technology actually contribute to the destruction of our earth due to the large amount of waste. At Airdog, we strive to break the cycle by designing purifiers that are 100% reusable and eco-friendly. By investing in an Airdog air purifier, you are also investing in a happier planet.

Smart Convenience Features

Our Airdog Air Purifiers run on smart technologies that adjust the airflow speed depending on the air quality of the environment. Airdog comes with a feature called ‘Auto Mode’ which makes effective air purification a no-brainer. Activating this mode will ensure the air purifier is working effectively 24/7 so you can enjoy your days and dream sweetly at night.

Noiseless Operations

As the highly optimized and advanced motor is used, the day-to-day operations are whisper quiet. Aside from the normal noiseless operation, the ‘Night mode’ feature will completely silence your machine, allowing you to rest easy while still getting the clean air benefits.

Warmly Welcome Our Airdog Air Purifier & Experience a New Way of Breathing Clean Air!

By welcoming the Airdog Air Purifier into your home, you and your household are investing in a highly advanced air purifier that makes your home sweet home a healthier and happier place to live! Contact us today to know more information about our Air Purifier for Smoke, Air Purifiers for mold, & Air Purifier for Allergies.