Is Airdog X5 energy-saving and eco-friendly?

We designed and manufactured Airdog X5 complying to Energy Star Rating. We are on our way to obtaining the certificate.
Airdog X5 is an Eco-friendly product because it uses non-consumable collecting plates instead of producing fiberglass waste, which is the main material of HEPA, and others.

Does owning an Airdog X5 require any maintenance fees?

Airdog X5 is a cost effective and environmental green solution.

A. Collecting plates in Airdog X5 is washable and reusable, so no more spending on HEPA filters and others.
B. Composite catalyst gauze is reusable, you may put it directly under the sunlight for 1~2 hours to refresh it. However, some customers might be very sensitive to any smell and might have to change the composite catalyst layer every 6-24 months to refresh the smell. The cost of the catalyst layer is only a small fraction of the cost of HEPA. To replace the catalyst layer, please contact your sales resource where you bought Airdog X5.