Humidifier Replacement Filter

Humidifier Replacement Filter

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Paul Davis
Humidifier filters

Love that the Airdog humidifier is safer and less troublesome than other units - it’s certainly much easier to clean! That being said, although I very much like the filters, I don’t want to use them for much more than a month - even with regular cleaning. The top of the blue filter gets a mossy green tinge after a couple/three weeks, and loses some of its “the air is incredibly clean!” smell. This puts my filter cost at about a dollar per day. I determined it’s worth it, however, as I am happy to have found a safe, suitable humidifier that helps alleviate headaches and allergies. And the room doesn’t feel “damp” at all.

Billy Conmy
Can't use

Would love to give a positive review but unfortunately I ordered the new filter for my humidifier but I'm not able to use it since the unit is not working correctly. I've been in contact with AirDog about it and was told it's under warranty so they would be in touch again to take care of it. Well that was Dec. 21st and was never contacted. I then reached out Dec. 27th to see about an update and was again sent a text message asking for my email and home address, even though I had contacted by email twice at this point. I provided the information required and received a "got it thanks" text in response yet still no other answer as to if a replacement was coming or if I needed to send my unit to them first. I then responded to that text message on Dec. 31st to inquire about status again and have received no more communication so maybe leaving a bad review might warrant a response.. its been over 2 weeks that I can't use my humidifier during the driest time of year and I might have to look into another brand of humidifier altogether instead of instead of outfitting the rest of my home with AirDog air purifiers.. unfortunately because when the unit was working it was doing a great job.

Takuya Yamamoto

Humidifier Replacement Filter

David Hartman
Almost perfect

Almost everything perfect. Effective, Quiet and easy to fill. Very happy with mine. Two possible areas to improve? 1. Make a model that is equally as quiet for larger rooms. 2. Make a reusable filter.

Victor E.

The Airdog humidifier is super great. It changed the humidity in my bedroom greatly. I now can sleep much better and my body feels excellent.


This filter can only be used for Airdog humidifier. For your more comfortable experience, it is recommended to clean the filter every week and change the filter every 3 months.