I heard a “cracking” or “zapping” noise inside the unit - Is that normal?

The occasional “zapping” or “cracking” is normal when the bigger particles enter the air purifier, being zapped by the high voltage, similar to when a bug zapper traps a bug. However, if the “cracking” or “zapping” noise is constant, you should clean the unit and make sure that all parts in the unit are fully dried after you clean the unit. 80% of the noise issues are caused by dust accumulation on the collecting plates and/or inner chamber, or by wet collecting plates. Normally a full clean cycle will take care of this all.

When should I do a full cleaning cycle?

A. When “-C-” is on the display screen.
B. “9XX” appears on the display screen even after cleaning the collecting plates.
C. Cracking sounds still exist after cleaning the collecting plates.
D. The unit shuts down and restarts automatically.

Note: Please refer to the “Full cleaning cycle” section in the user manual for details.

Can I clean my Airdog X5 by putting the whole unit in the dishwasher?

You should not put the whole Airdog X5 unit into the dishwasher! Only the collecting plates is OK to be washed by a full wash cycle. Please make sure the collecting plates unit is fully dried before putting it back into your Airdog X5. There could be water residue inside of the collecting plates even after the drying cycle sometimes, so make sure to take the time to fully dry them.

How can I confirm that the collecting plates are fully dried?

Please put the collecting plates in a dry space for at least 24 hrs. You may put tissues or a paper towel under the collecting plates to check if it is fully dried.

Why does my Airdog X5 begin to make noise or restart after a full cleaning cycle?

A. Please make sure that all parts are dried fully.
B. Please make sure that the contact pin goes through the small hole in the rubber sleeve (as shown in pictures below) when you are assembling the unit. (Contact pin is exposed after taking out the generating electrode.)