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New Years Resolutions Progress Check

New Years Resolutions Progress Check

How many times have your New Year’s Resolutions fallen through? It seems that each year, what starts as resolutions fades into forgotten promises to yourself. 2023 is the year of satisfied resolutions, and that begins with changes in your daily life! Whether it is physically challenging yourself, quitting bad habits, living a stress-free lifestyle, or even self-care improvement, Airdog is here to help you hit your resolutions head-on!

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Air quality is more essential to your fitness journey and health goals than you may realize. Types of pollutants in the average home may be, but are not limited to, household cleaning products, cigarette smoke, 
pet dander, mold, and more! Household pollutants and allergens can decrease your overall health and the quality of a great at-home workout.

Air quality is paramount to the efficiency of one’s workout and overall health. When exercising, the respiratory system supports the body’s efforts to maintain the heart rate, bring oxygen-rich blood to the muscles, and burn calories. During high-intensity exercise, your heart rate increases. This leads to you breathing through your mouth to take in air in a larger quantity. However, your mouth does not possess cilia, the tiny hairs in your nose that help filter out air pollutants, which causes an increase in the pollutants that enter your body. Poor air during a workout makes it more challenging for the body to perform exercises, thus increasing exhaustion and diminishing proper form, which can lead to injuries. Without clean, quality air, the Likelihood of meeting fitness goals is jeopardized. Home air quality is an essential and often overlooked aspect of your health and fitness goals. 

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Sleep = Health

As the busy holiday season is over and the new year is upon us, it is beneficial to get back on a good sleep schedule and improve the number of hours you sleep every night. Sleep plays a vital role in having good health and is essential in having good well-being. Sleep deficiency is linked to multiple diseases, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, and depression, to name a few. Air pollution disrupts your sleep, leading to restless nights and groggy mornings. 

Here are a few ways to improve sleep quality and get the most hours every night. To begin, having a dark, quiet, relaxing room is vital to block out excess light and noises that will distract you. 

You should set your room to a cool temperature between 60 and 70 degrees, allowing your body to cool down and help you fall asleep faster. 

A stuffy room can also make it impossible to fall asleep, as ventilation is one of the most critical factors for having quality air. An air purifier from Airdog is a great way to ensure your room isn’t stuffy. Air purifiers neutralize odors, Remove dirty air particles, and relieve symptoms that can cause illnesses like asthma. Airdog has many different air purifiers, such as the X3, X5, and X8, that will properly ventilate your room and give you a goodnights rest. Additionally, sleeping with a bedside diffuser is an easy way to improve sleep as they let out mists with essential oils like lavender, chamomile, and peppermint, which relaxes the body and prepares it for sleeping. The diffuser is excellent as it provides a peaceful aromatherapy experience and can even play relaxing music.
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Un-clutter Your Focus

We also want to reduce the amount of stress that we have in our lives. The best place to start is by looking at the environment you surround yourself in daily. Is the laundry overflowing, the dishes piling up, and hasn’t been mopped in months? Now is a better time to organize your surroundings because a cluttered space equals a cluttered mind. 

Decluttering your space may include:

  • Dusting often untouched areas like room decor, bookshelves, and ceiling fans
  • Vacuum and Mopping floors
  • Vacuuming pet hair off furniture
  • Donating unused clothing/toys 
  • Buying organizational supplies
  • Cleaning out your refrigerator 

However, when cleaning, it’s essential to be aware of our cleaning solutions, the dust, and the pet dander. As mentioned previously, it can reduce the quality of the air we breathe. Although we can’t shrink to microscopic size and deep clean those pesky indoor air pollutants, we can use devices that can do just that. Using a device like an air purifier keeps your air quality pure and mind clear so that you have an all-around clean space to focus on what matters most. 

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Change is difficult

Last but certainly not least, quitting bad habits. Whether the habit is smoking, drinking, snacking, or biting your nails, the new year is the best time to self-assess and acknowledge how these habits affect our lives and future. The hardest part about starting this process is knowing where and what to do.

Here are a couple of tips to help leave your bad habits behind for good this year:

  • Having a Support System is Key - Find a friend, family member, or an online forum to connect with.
  • Replace the Habit - Try substituting your bad habit with a healthier option which will help ease the process.
  • Ask Questions and Create a Plan - Why would I want to change this? What do I want my life to look like? What are some things I can do to make this change? Asking yourself these questions will help you determine the best course of action.
  • Do Your Research - You aren’t alone. Many people have quit bad habits, so see what other people have done to be successful.
  • It is not all or nothing - Start small. The slightest change can make the most significant difference.

Breaking bad habits is easier said than done, but remember that the New Year is your chance to refresh and restart. Take a breath of clean air and enjoy healthier habits.

New Year Means Being the You that You Would Want to See

Prioritizing clean, quality air in your space is a great way to make a small change that can affect your life in a big way. The environment you are surrounded by dramatically affects how you feel, so why not make your space the best it can be by including an Airdog device in your space this New Year! Those are just some ways Airdog can help positively influence your New Year’s resolutions.

Written by: Sharyah Pinkham, Christina Ardavin, Christianna Mills, Maya Stupica, Kristi Gundhus

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