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How Clean Air Help You Protect Your Pets

How Clean Air Help You Protect Your Pets

Air Pollution Affects Our Furry Friends 

(Source: Purely Pets)

Not only can human health be affected by air pollution, but also pets are vulnerable to outside air pollution. In a study, scientists examined the brains of dogs exposed to heavy air pollution to exhibit increased inflammation and pathology, which will cause brain diseases. Also, cats who live in polluted air for a long time are more likely to suffer from asthma and have low heart and lung function. 


Symptoms that your Companion may be Experiencing

(Source: Addiction Pet)

Unlike humans, our furry companions are not able to communicate their internal pains and discomfort easily. 

Here are a few signs to look out for if they are affected by air pollution:  

  • Open-mouth breathing/ Wheezing
  • Vomiting or loss of appetite
  • Unusual coughing or sneezing
  • Swelling or inflammation of the eyes, mouth, and/or skin
  • Lethargic or weakness in limbs
  • Uncoordinated walking or inability to stand
  • Increased salivation

If you happen to notice your pet is experiencing any of these symptoms, please make your way to your nearest veterinary office for further instruction and care. 

Areas that are Affected the Most 

In the U.S, these top 10 states are affected the most by air pollution: 

  •  Utah (Air Quality Index (AQI) - 51.2)
  • Ohio (AQI - 48.2)
  • Georgia (AQI - 48.2)
  • West Virginia (AQI - 47.6)
  • Indiana (AQI - 47.5) 
  • Tennessee (AQI - 47.5)
  • Colorado (AQI - 47.1)
  • Maryland (AQI - 47.0)
  • District of Columbia (AQI - 46.8)
  • Alabama (AQI - 46.6)

Our loyal pets are susceptible to increased chances of health issues not only in the locations above but in many others as well. Efforts are being made to reduce the rate of pollution and small steps towards this goal can be taken right at home with minimal effort. 

Protect Your Indoor Air

(Source: On Tim Service)

Our pets spend most of their day resting indoors, so reducing indoor air pollution as much as possible is important to our pets' health and cannot be ignored. The most practical way is to use an air conditioner and an air purifier, and remember to change your filters regularly for optimal performance. Air purifiers can help remove allergens, dust, pet dander, and other pollutants from the air. Not only will this help your pets breathe better, feel more comfortable, but it will help you breathe better and healthier, as well. In addition, frequent vacuuming should also reduce the risk of pets inhaling harmful substances and ensure that your pets breathe healthily.


Airdog, Your Best Friend in Cleaner Air and Healthier Breathing


Airdog is actively looking for ways to ensure their health and breathe healthy air. Our TPA®  technology is exceptionally good for removing harmful particles at 99.9% from the air. Choosing the right indoor air purifier is pertinent to fostering a safe environment to breathe, both for you and your lovely pets. Airdog is here to help you and your best (furry) friends to breathe different, and breathe better.

Keep your pets fresh. The Airdog X8 Air Purifier is the bigger brother of the X5 with double the airflow level or check out our new Airdog Battery-Powered Folding Fan!

Reach out to us at any time if you have any questions or comments. We'd be more than happy to answer them! 

Contributed by: Scarlett Li, Sharyah Pinkham, Jorge Cruz
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