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Air and Travel with Airdog

Air and Travel with Airdog

Air and Traveling with Airdog

Summer brings upon tons of traveling for families and friends. Whether it’s a drive away or a plane ride away, everyone wishes for the best vacation experience they could possibly have. So, why damper that vacation you dreamt of with a location that has poor air quality/pollution that causes symptoms of allergies?

(Source: Sunday Observer)

Effects of Pollution

Effects of air pollution is often something that goes unnoticed. Air pollution can cause various health problems such as accelerated aging of the lungs and decreased function of the lungs, development of asthma, bronchitis, etc. But don’t worry if you didn't know these facts, because Airdog is here to help. 

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Air Quality Index

The air quality index, AQI, tells you how clean or unhealthy the air around you is. It ranges from 0-500, with 0 representing clean healthy air and 500 representing air that is very hazardous. 

States with the best AQI

Hawaii has an average AQI of 21.2, the cleanest air in the United States. Some other states with good air are Alaska, Washington, Oregon, and Maine. This could be due to the fact that there are reduced releases of gasses or particles caused by motor vehicles or solid fuel burning industries. 

States with the worst AQI

Utah has an average AQI of 51.2, while this is in the moderate range of AQI, it is still the state with the worst air. Although it is still low, many of us are not used to this type of air so precautions are needed to be put in place to save ourselves from allergies. Some other states with poor air are Ohio, Georgia, West Virginia, and Indiana. Indiana, for example, has many coal-fired power plants that contribute to air pollution in the state. Because of this, Indiana is also ranked poorly for drinking water quality and pollution health risks.  

What can YOU do?

Acknowledging the long term effects of air quality can be beneficial to not only you but your entire family and friends circle. When deciding on where to depart on your next adventure, consider selecting a location that has air quality in the “good” sector of the AQI. There are many reliable sources out there that can provide you with the AQI information for every location to help you decide on that upcoming journey! 

Airdog Solution - FitAir

Worry not! Whichever area your traveling adventures take you, Airdog’s FitAir Full Kit is the solution! FitAir is designed to help you breathe better and live healthier with its ability to keep airborne particles out! With the Covid-19 pandemic evolving, FitAir is designed to allow you to have an effortless breath of fresh air compared to other masks and products that cause trouble breathing.  

Airdog wishes you safe travels and a happy summer! Stay cool out there!😎☀️

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