All Your Questions, Answered


Why should I choose Airdog X5 instead of traditional HEPA air purifiers?

Airdog X5 is the state of art filtration technology. It has been researched and studied over the past twenty years by many renowned scientists and researchers. It is capable of:

A. Filtering ultra-fine particles down to 14.6nm: far beyond 0.3microns of traditional HEPA;
B. Destroys and Collects: The high electrical field inside Airdog kills all bacteria and viruses, which is different from HEPA with mold/bacteria growing on filters;
C. Non-consumable collecting plates: simply wash and reuse! No more spending on expensive HEPA filters;
D. Quiet operation: Airdog is whisper quiet during sleep mode as its collecting plates have much lower flow resistance as compared with HEPA filters;
E. Environmental green and energy saving solutions.

Why it is important to filter the ultra fine particles?

The human body can only prevent larger particles > 10µm (micrometre); smaller particles can break the guard and enter the body, even depositing on the vascular walls. So it is much more important to have ultra-fine particles eliminated.

Airdog X5 deals successfully with ultra-fine particles>14.6nm (nanometre)and purifies the air by killing bacteria/viruses and collecting airborne particles. Traditional HEPA air purifiers only filtrate particles > 0.3µm and leave all kinds of particles on the filters.

Airdog X5 avoids mildew and bacteria problem perfectly while traditional air purifiers could cause secondary pollution by sending out air with mold/bacteria still stored in the machine! All kinds of particles accumulate on a HEPA, actually turning the filter into a warm bed for bacteria and mold with suitable temperature and humidity! Most HEPA’s performance will diminish over time.

Does Airdog X5 remove volatile gases, such as Formaldehyde, Benzene, etc.?

Yes, Airdog X5 can decompose many volatile gases (Formaldehyde, Benzene etc.) into natural air ingredients such as CO2 and H2O. It is achieved by two principles: the high voltage electrical field generates strong plasma and hydro-radical cells, which acts as strong oxidation agents to decompose the carbon bond of volatile gases.