How do I know that my air purifier is cleaning the air?

The best part of Airdog X5 air purifier is that you could see the effect by your own eyes! You will notice the AQI (Air Quality Index) number decreasing when the air purifier is on. Also, after using X5 for a week, you can actually see many of the pollutants absorbed on the collecting plates when you take the plates out of X5 to clean.

What is the number displayed on Airdog X5 and what does it mean?

The number displayed on Airdog is called Air Quality Index (AQI). It was developed by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to report air quality. The AQI is divided into six categories, indicating increasing levels of health concern.

The displayed AQI on Airdog X5 is calculated based on the infrared sensor embedded in the unit, which measures the number of particles in a restricted air volume. This number can fluctuate according to the air flow velocity, position and ambient air condition. Thus it is a good reference for you to know the ambient indoor air quality.

Why is the AQI display abnormal on the LCD screen? It displays, “-C-” or “9XX” instead of digits?

Display of “-C-” means it is time to do a cleaning.
The “9XX” is an electronics abnormal signal. Please unplug the unit and do a full clean cycle and restart. If the “9XX” still exists, please contact customer service for further instructions.

Why isn’t the AQI display changing numbers?

The dust accumulated on the sensor could cause insensitivity of sensors. Please clean the sensor with a dry cloth or a cotton swab with alcohol.