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Did you know that indoor air
can be 5X more polluted than outdoor air?

Meet Innovation

The Airdog X5 air purifier puts your health and the health of the environment first. You’ll stop inhaling everyday indoor air pollutants (e.g. pollens, pet dander, hair, allergens, bacteria and virus etc..) and breathe cleaner air than with any of the traditional air purifiers on the market (like HEPA).Our ionic wind filtration technology offers you high-efficiency and ultra-quiet experience.You’ll save time, money, and the planet with our energy-efficient and WASTE-FREE design.

Higher Performing

Real-time Data
Automatic Adjustment

Child Lock

Saves Money

Low Noise



Night Mode

Airdog Patented Technology

High-Volume Airflow 360 Degree Air Circulation

*The 3rd party lab tests confirm Airdog kills 99.87% influenza virus in an hour.

6 Air Quality Display

5 Composite Catalyst *Collects harmful particles.

4 Collecting Plates

3 Ionic Field *Kills bacteria and germs.

2 Emitter Wires

1 Pre-Filter Screening *Removes hair and dander etc..


Kills bacteria and viruses
Protects our planet
Improves allergy symptoms
Cleans ultra-fine particles down to 14.6nm
Helps save money

Highly effective in removing
ultrafine particles and killing influenza virus

Airdog X5 cleans smaller particles (down to 0.0145 microns, verified by a 3rd party testing lab) than any of the more classic air purifiers without consumables (think HEPA purifiers that use disposable paper filters). This means that Airdog keeps more indoor pollutants out of the lungs of you and your loved ones! 3rd party laboratory tests even show Airdog’s powerful ability to kill the influenza virus!


Clean Collecting Plates

Dirty Collecting Plates
after One Month of Use

No More Replacing Filters! Just Wash!

No disposable, paper HEPA filters that need to be replaced. Airdog allows you to enjoy the washable and reusable experience.

Washes Easily in Sink or Dishwasher!

Powerful but Whisper Quiet

Airdog uses the best in class DC brushless motor. Our carefully designed aerodynamic flow path enables 360 degree circulation and 200 cubic feet of clean air per minute. In another word, for a large 1400 sqf space, it could provide one air change in an hour; for a 700 sqf space, it could provide two air changes per hour; for a 450 sqf space, it could provide three air changes per hour. We recommend to use within 450 sqf space to provide sufficent clean air changes. The Airdog is whisper quiet, the noise level is down to 22db at sleep mode, which is hardly to hear at night.

Low Noise

Challenges of HEPA filters

q1 Collects =\ Cleaning

HEPA only traps pollutants such as pollen and dust. When the HEPA air purifier stops working, or when the filter isn’t changed regularly, those same pollutants can escape back into the very air they came from! Furthermore, when temperature is warmer and humidity is in the air, mold and bacteria can actually grow on the HEPA filter! Yuck!

Microbes grow in filters, and move out from the other side. Bad smell and hazardous products were generated during the process.

q2 HEPA filters cost $$

Since mold and bacteria like to grow on HEPA filters, you need to change those very expensive filters every 6 months. Spending money on these replacement filters can easily cost $500 per year, and the better quality HEPA filters cost even more. Airdog solves that filter replacement problem with its advanced technology and saves you money! No more need to change filters with Airdog…just wash them! This Saves You Lots of $$!

q3 HEPA filters degrade overtime

There is a technical term called CCM (cumulative cleaning mass), which means how much pollutants a HEPA could trap before it loses 50% efficiency. For a typical HEPA air purifier, lab researchers have quantified 45 cigarettes smoke would make it fail. As a comparison, after 440 cigarettes, about 10x more than HEPA’s 45, Airdog’s cleaning capacity only drops – 0.2%! That means Airdog can take 10x more smoke and stay 50x stronger in cleaning capacity! Now that’s a Huge Difference!

Details Make the Difference

We design Airdog with love  and care. Here are the details that make Airdog stand out:

 Real Time Air Quality Digital Display:  Airdog has a 0 – 500 Air Quality Index (AQI) according to the World Health Organization (WHO) digital display built in! Our colors of Red, Orange, Yellow and Green allows you to easily monitor your room’s quality of air anytime of the day and make sure you’re breathing clean air!

 Smart control: With our Auto Mode button, you can allow Airdog to run 24/7 all by itself!
Auto Mode automatically adjusts the fan speed according to the pollution levels that the AQI is reading. This feature not only makes monitoring your room’s air quality easy to do, it also saves you money on energy bills and gives you peace of mind!

 One button operation: No need to figure out lots of buttons. Just press 1 button to quickly and easily cycle through different air flow settings or press Auto Mode and let it manage the whole thing. Either way, simplicity and convenience is paramount in our Airdog design.

 Child lock:  Prevents children from playing with the settings.

Night mode:  Night mode is specially designed for light sleepers. We keep your air clean but without display lights and fan noise. You could hardly hear it‘s running at night mode.

Smart APP & Real-time AQI

Airdog uses the best in class DC brushless motor, the carefully designed aerodynamic design enables 360 degree high volume air flow but with very low noise.

Airdog Smart APP allows you to real AQI/remote control on your phone

With the Airdog X5 App, you can:

  • Remotely control your Airdog X5.
  • Turn on, off, set to sleep mode, child lock, and adjust filtration settings.
  • Track air quality in your home or office and see how it stacks up against the air outdoors.

With our Ionic Wind technology, there is no need to replace filters ,

which leads to a green and budget/energy-saving experience for our users.